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[IP] Insurance change

I have an opportunity to change my coverage plan and need some input. I 
currently have BC/BS Illinois PPO through work which is good about 
covering pump supplies, they pay 80%.  I am in charge of renewing our 
company's insurance and we have the opportunity for a HMO option as well 
as the current  PPO. This will save my company a considerable amount of 
money and a  couple bucks less a month for each employee. My question is 
the HMO coverage seems to pay 100% for everything that I would need, 
sounds to good to be true. Some people around here think HMO is the work 
of the devil. My doc is on their small list of doctors so no need to 
change if I decide to go with HMO. Does anyone on this list have HMO 
through BC/BS of Illinois? if so how is it. The PPO has been great 
covering 80% for my pump. but paying nothing sounds good.


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