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RE: [IP] Insulin needs on pump


Before the pump, I was taking btwn 35 and 40 units of NPH and Humalog
each day. Yet, I was constantly chasing low readings with food and put
on about 10-15 lbs in a couple of years.

Switching to the pump with its option for different basal rates at
different times of day has helped me avoid alot of the low readings. In
the first two months I was on the pump, I lost 10 lbs because I wasn't
contantly eating sugar or carbs to counter excess insulin. My insulin
needs dropped to about 27-32 units of Humalog a day.

I am now 4 months pregnant and have put that 10 lbs right back on
again, but I am confident that the pump will help me lose weight

I think each person's experience with the pump and weight loss or gain
is personal (YMMV - "your mileage may vary"). But if you are gaining
weight because you are constantly chasing lows with food at certain
times of day, the pump may help.

: )
Erin wrote:
I was just wondering, when you go on the pump do your insulin
decrease?  I currently take 50 units of NPH in the morning and at
night, in 
addition to anywhere between 10 and 25 units of Humalog .  The use of
this insulin has caused me to put on quite a bit of weight that I am
to get rid of.  Thanks for any input.  

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