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Yes that ratio works for me, I just need more in the evening time b/c that's when I tend to get in the high range,mostly b/c I tend to get more. I use to have a weight control problem. I never have been a big person I have always been skinny-that made it hard for people to believe I was diabetic. The most I ever weighed up until not was 98-105. My weight would go up and go down but for the pass few months I have been gaining weight which is good on my behalf. That  let's my doctor know my blood glucose has been stable. when I got pregnant with my son that's when my doctor put on the 15:1 and 12:1 ratio, it worked real well during my pregnancy. So after I had my son my blood glucose was out of control but fine when I was pregnant. So my doctor decide to keep me on that ratio and now my blood glucose is doing very well so I think I will let to stay on this ratio.-Tynicia
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