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RE: [IP] Infusion Site and Exercise

Thanks for those sharing their experiences regarding the lows I was
having last week with exercise and my theory that it was the infusion
site (derriere) that was causing the problems.

As reported, I had the problem Tues, Wed, and Thurs with exercise.
Happened again on Friday.  Then I changed out my infusion site back to
the abdomen and I didn't have the problem on Saturday (was pleasantly
slug-like yesterday and didn't exercise).  It does indeed appear that it
was the location of the set.  When things like this happen once, I just
chalk it up to a "bad hair day", since it's easy to drive myself crazy
figuring out which of the many variables could be affecting my bS in any
given instance.  However, I was sensing a pattern with this one, and I'm
glad I was able to figure out yet another part of my particular diabetes

Type 1 since 08/93, pumping since 12/95, MM508
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