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[IP] 504's

Thank all of you for enlightening me concerning the 504. I have been one of
those "in your face" parents with the school nurses, the teachers and the
administration. I send out personal letters to everyone, every year who has
any contact with Sara no matter how small. These letters are very detailed
even explaining the most likely problems she may have during the time of day
these individuals interact with her.
I have never been informed by the school system (3 separate ones, 2 private
and 1 public) about the 504.
When Sara started high school this year I contacted the assistant principal
(we are acquaintances as Sara and his son have swum on the same team together
and she has spent some of her free time giving him extra instruction) to ask
permission for her to carry a cell phone as the school is too large for her to
walk to the office when not feeling well for help.
He was great, said as long as she only used it for Diabetic issues the school
would let it slide. There have been several of her teachers this year who have
had the attitude "if you need anything Sara, just handle it and explain to me
later when you are able".
I had no idea she was guaranteed any of these rights by law.
I am so involved at our schools, I am not an absentee parent. Why was I never
informed by the schools about the 504. You can bet I am calling the ADA in my
area today and some paper work will be filing through some offices very soon.

I am so grateful for those teachers who have treated Sara with the dignity and
caring she deserved. Thsy have made a difference in her life. But, for the
others....I am now aware I have more ammunition than just being an annoying
squeaky wheel.
Thanks everyone!! I
Pam, mom to Sara
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