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RE: [IP]teachers and 504s (was pump mistaken as beeper)

When I went to school, we didn't have 504's nor did we have meetings with
administrators and parents, etc.

All I know is that each year I got a doctor's note saying that I was to be
allowed to carry food with me to eat when necessary in the classroom and to
be allowed to go to the bathrooms when necessary.

I took this to each teacher and they had to sign it and I always carried a
copy around with me just in case.

This was way back when and we didn't have glucose monitors, etc...just took
one shot a day.

I would imagine that each child should carry around some type of id together
with a note with instructions as to what to do if there are problems and
show it to whomever they are with, a teacher, an administrator, in gym, art
class, music, etc. etc. etc.

Kathy B.
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