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RE: [IP] Teacher selection

Hi Marisa:

I know in my daughter's school, anyone w/any health issue has to go to the
office to see the clinitian.  I think this is so dumb because what if a
child is having an insulin reaction?  They have to go to the office to see
the clinitian to get glucose tablets...ditto for those on inhalers for
asthma.  I don't know why these kids can't carry their own stuff around but
that's the rules.  This is in Florida btw.

Someone posted that they would ask prospective teachers to go to a pump
training class.  This would be on teacher's own time w/o getting paid.  You
wouldn't find many teachers willing to do this here in Florida.  They have
enough trainings and in service they have to take on their own time which is
required of them.

I agree w/going to the supervisor of principals if you don't get anywhere
with your administration of your school.  I did that when my son was in
elementary school in NY and I wasn't happy with the speech therapist for my
son.  Spoke w/the therapist and prinicipal with no luck.  Went above his
head and he was furious.  Told him if he didn't care enough to do his job
properly then I was going over his head.  Never had any problems with him
after that and we became best of friends.  Guess he learned that I was not
one to be taken lightly.

Kathy B.
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