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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #207

At 03:26 PM 3/24/02 Ashley wrote:
 >I am in real trouble here.  I was getting low on pump supplies (1 box each
 >left) and called minimed to have it delivered to my new house (I moved the
 >other day) and here I am with no supplies at all.....bone dry.  MM never
 >delivered my supplies and I told them I am out!  I have insulin, but after a
 >few hours, my resivoir will be empth and I have no resivoirs or infusion
 >sets.  I called all the hospitals and med supplies shops and no one has any.
 >What do I do????  I am so scared ;(
 >Aroma Verde

Call Minimed again, ASAP. Find out how your supplies were shipped, where 
they were shipped to and when they can be expected. They might not have 
gotten the address correct or they might not have shipped it fast enough.

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