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Re: [IP] Pump/Beeper and 504 Thread

I am incensed by this attitude.  I think it stems from the fact that for
many years there weren't very good tools to manage this disease.  Patients
took a couple of shots to keep alive.  The goal was to avoid hypoglycemia
and acidosis.  It has been very recent that emphasis has been placed on good
glycemic control.  From my experience in living with diabetes, there are
still many health care professionals, including endocrinologists and CDEs,
who are stuck back in the "enough to maintain life, but not necessarily
health" era.  I'm not sure what the answer is to change this attitude.  I
know I talk about it to anybody who will listen.  Everytime I get a "So, is
Scott all regulated now?"  Or even better "You're lucky it's not something


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Subject: [IP] Pump/Beeper and 504 Thread

>I was thinking about this thread, and some of the other things that have
>been discussed here, and came to the conclusion that there is a common
>with all of these things - people think diabetes is simple.
>Diabetes was barely included in my 504, if at all, because the general
>attitude of everyone is "so what?  My <insert family member here> had it.
>It was no big deal."  How did that become the prevailing attitude?
>More importantly, what can we do to change it, besides one person at a time
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