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Re: [IP]teachers and 504s (was pump mistaken as beeper)

>I find it difficult to believe that a teacher is not aware of a 504 >plan 
>in place for any child  At least here in WA state, the 504 form >has a 
>signature line for the teacher to read the plan and sign it >along with the 
>parents, RN, prinicipal and the 504 coordinator.

When I was in school, I had a 504 plan for other issues than D, though.  My 
mom got a copy to take home, so I always got to see them.  There *is* a line 
for teachers to sign, but generally it was only the teacher that 
participated in the meeting that signed the forms.

I don't recall the principal signing it either, at least not when I got into 
junior and senior high school.

Granted, this was several years ago, so things may have changed after the 
passage of the ADA, and the renewal of the Rehab Act.

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