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Re: [IP] Teacher selection


  Two years ago, before thepump, I went hose to nose with our principal.  HE 
was trying to totally change Josh 504 without any input from the RN, MD or 
ME!!!!  I was furious and let him know.  It was through this confrontation 
that I discovered that our state has new regs regarding the care of D. kids 
in public schools.  The RN knew about these regs but didn't bother telling 
either the district offices or our principal (she knew about the trouble I 
was currently having!)  When I slapped those regs down in front of the 
principal and got in his face to tell him to back off....he listened.  The RN 
no longer worls at this district.  She caused great embarrassment to the 
district by with holding the information.  Now when there is a questions 
about D. care they ask ME for advice.  And everyone knows about the new state 
regs now, so no more questions asked about routines.  So....check with your 
state, by asking your local ADA office if they know about anything in place.  
It really does make a difference.  And it gives you leverage over these 
ignorant, non-compliant principals too!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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