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Re: [IP] Adjusting Basals

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 email @ redacted wrote:

> For all you experienced pumpers, please tell me how you derived a formula for
> adjusting your basals.
> 1) If a b.g. drops at a certain hour of the day, how many hours before that
> do you adjust the basal?
Depends on the insulin and your response to it. Typically, fast insulin
analogs ~ 1 hour. Regular insulin ~2 hours

> 2) In what increments do you adjust the basal?
As small as possible to effect the change you need and only ONE basal at a
time. If basals are not far out of whack, 0.1u adjustments make a big

> 3) How much do you adjust the basal?  I am assuming that depends on how much
> a unit of insulin drops b.g.
see 2)

You can find the answers to all these questions an more in both Pumping
Insulin and on the HOWTO pages of the Insulin Pumpers web site. There is
even a simulator that will graph current bg trends based on underlying
basal rates and project and estimated new bg trend based on your proposed
basal changes.

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