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Re: [IP]teachers and 504s (was pump mistaken as beeper)

In a message dated 3/24/02 10:31:50 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I really feel like the pump/beeper incident could have been avoided with
> better communication and planning on the part of the school, the 504
> coordinator and the PARENTS. 

until I appeared at our school the nurse had never been invited to a 504 or 
IEP.......the law is clear that the school has the obligation to inform 
staff....of course, it is easy to blame the parents and I for one am tired of 
it.....I would think it would fall to the 504 coordinator to notify all 
involved. My son, non D, also has a 504 and when I received a  communication 
of punishment from a specials teacher, my response was is she aware of the 
504 if not, why and do we need another meeting......they took care of it (I 
think).....I would say the parents have the obligation to get the 504 written 
correctly but the school has the obligation to inform its staff.
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