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Re: [IP]teachers and 504s (was pump mistaken as beeper)

email @ redacted wrote:
> I find it difficult to believe that a teacher is not aware of a 504 plan in
> place for any child  At least here in WA state, the 504 form has a signature
> line for the teacher to read the plan and sign it along with the parents, RN,
> prinicipal and the 504 coordinator.  I guess I have to assume that not all
> states have the same form...which of course doesn't make sense because the
> 504 is a FEDERAL regulation so one would think that the forms would at least
> be similar!???!!!

I've been teaching in Nevada for 20 years, and have never been asked to
sign a 504.  Heck, I've never been invited to a 504 meeting!  

It's a little easier in elementary school for teachers to know exactly
who in their class has health issues, because teachers only have 20 - 30
kids, but in secondary school, where each teacher has as many as 150 -
200 kids, and each kid has 6 teachers, it's MUCH harder. Like
impossible, unless someone TELLS us! 

You, as the parent, MUST teach your child self-advocacy skills -- you
and your child simply can't afford to sit back and wait for someone else
to do it. The nurse has hundreds of kids to supervise and write reports
on, and the administrators don't have a clue, because they're dealing
with whole-school issues, and THOUSANDS of kids, not YOUR child alone. . 

The child must KNOW that he is to say "it's on my 504" -- THAT, at
least, will alert the adult in question as to the fact that the child
has one -- kids without 504's don't even know what they are.  If the
child has a copy of his 504 in his possession, so much the better,
because the adult then can look at it, and follow it without having to
go somewhere and find someone who can look it up. 

I really feel like the pump/beeper incident could have been avoided with
better communication and planning on the part of the school, the 504
coordinator and the PARENTS. 

I know some children are reluctant to disclose that they have diabetes,
but this is a case where they MUST learn to be forthright and honest.
Too dangerous not to. 
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