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RE: [IP] pump at school mistaken for beeper

I am so sorry I can't keep up with this thread,, but as a national child
advocate for issues of discrimination in the school ... I applaud the
comments on the list, we must educate our OWN teachers, to our child's
needs. PERIOD. We can't expect the school to do this on their own. 504s and
IEPs are Safety Nets, but not fool proof.

And further more, and MOST important of all is to teach our kids -- To BUCK
ATHORITY when it comes to their own diabetes care.  I am going to share this
story with our daughter and remind here that EVEN if she gets in HUGE
trouble with the principal, she must be comforted in the fact that she has
parents that will take care of it later AS WELL as standing on her OWN CIVIL
rights. The most important thing she can do is educate in the heat of the
moment and NEVER jeopardize her diabetes care.

My daughter is a RULE FOLLOWER, this is NOT easy for her to understand and I
don't know how she would react if it ever did happen to her.. but I sure
plan to do some more role playing with her!

I also shared the write up with our school nurse! HA!

Connie Miller
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