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RE: [IP] Quicksets

>I know we have discussed them before, but I am interested in what people think
>about the MM quicksets.  I have been using the Sofsets because I am completely
>not able to manually insert and when I started pumping it was the only set
>with an inserter. Does anyone have any observations on the inserter or sets?
>I remember someone saying they were hard to reconnect.  And how do you guys
>find the adhesive? Good, not good? I would ask for a sample, but don't want to
>sink $50 into the inserter if I don't like them.

I am still a needle-phobe so I haven't even tried to manually insert a set.

I started with the Sof-sets for the same reason you did: Sof-serter. Then I
moved on to the Silhouettes with the Sil-serter not because I liked the
angled insertion, but because the Sils used half the amount of packaging.
The Sil-serter, IMHO, stinks. If you don't get it at precisely the correct
angle, the needle tears through the top layer of skin, then you have to do
it all over again. I had to ice my skin prior to using the Sil-serter.

Now I use Quicksets and I love them. Can't feel it going in. And I have
never had a problem with disconnecting and reconnecting. I've read about
people having trouble, but I can only imagine it was a bad batch of sets.

I'm allergic to the adhesive so I put a layer of IV3000 transparent dressing
under it. Once, on my lower abdomen, the side of the set became unstuck
during a fitful sleep, so now when it's below the belt, I sandwich it
between two IV3000 (cutting a circle in the top layer for the set.) It seems
high maintenance, but I change every 4 days so it's no big deal.

Since I'm still new to pumping (almost 4 months) it took me a while to
figure out which set was the best for me. Minimed was extremely helpful, to
the point of letting me return several boxes of Sof-sets for Silhouettes,
and Silhouettes for Quicksets.
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