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Re: [IP] Is Paridigm waterproff

>From: "Mark Haywood" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] Is Paridigm waterproff
>Why don't you get a pump that doesn't need to be dried off when you get out
>of water.  Sounds kind of silly to have to buy a pump that needs another
>$150 dollar device to dry it off.

I urge anyone anticipating prolonged water exposure to look into the 
two pumps which would be better suited for water exposure.  Despite 
this "waterproof" issue of the past 12 months, Many have been using 
the Diestronic and Animas with few worries for their water related 
lives.  No mechanical device can be "waterproof" but some may be 
better suited for water exposure than others in part because they 
were designed with that in mind to enhance the life of the user NOT 
to compete with a marketing issue.

If you click my URL below and then go to the SeaDooing page my story 
of how my "waterproof" pump saved my life is there.

Darrin Parker
Ontario, Canada

I have used the insulin infusion pump for one year thanks to the 
support of wonderful internet friends & the 

The Pump gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of 
MDI!  Best pre-pump HeA1c = 9.2.  1st & 2nd post-pump HeA1c = 5.1 & 
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