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RE: [IP] pump at school mistaken for beeper

As a first grade teacher and a pumper, I am embarrassed and outraged at the
events that have been described here.  In an elementary school, teachers are
all things to kids...I put a patch on a child's eye each day because his mom
works too late to do it for 3 hours at home.  I feed each child in my room
cookies, cheese crackers, etc. because I have one student who comes to school
hungry every day.

I am appalled at the lack of caring and concern over Sara.  As an out of
control D, at some times, I realize that you cannot function normally when
your bg is 500 or 40.  I am saddened to find that middle and high school
personnel are so rigid and unfeeling.  D teens should be allowed latitude as
long as it is not abused. Other teens will understand the flexibility of rules
for those students...they accept more and understand more than we give them
credit for at times.

Sara's mom should fight for her no matter who gets upset or mad.  The poor
girl is doing her best to be active and take care of herself at the same

I wish her the best of luck...keep us informed...I would like to apologize for
these ignorant educators....they are an embarrassment to those of us who care
for each individual child on a daily basis.

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