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[IP] update on Kevin

Just thought you may want an update after my email this am. (Kevin had bolused
9 units and then found out he was disconnected...we didn't know how much he
actually got! and we were on our way out for soccer)

Kevin was 330 just before playing soccer, so we gave him a unit - hesitantly.
I hate doing that and then sending him out to run! 1/2 time he was 443, we
gave him 2 units and had him sit out for a bit. He's never been so high, so he
was a bit freaked.

Bottom line is he's fine now...76 actually. I guess the insulin never went in.
He's never become disconnected like that before. And the strange this is, we
checked him at midnight, and at 3 am...so it had to have happened before his
breakfast bolus cuz his am bg was fine. Very weird. Just another thing to
check now.

Have a great weekend.

Mom to Kevin, 14, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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