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Re: [IP] pump at school mistaken for beeper

     Wow - what a sad saga. I spoke to Jeff Wagner yesterday, the dad of the 
14 year old Florida student who had her pump TAKEN from her by an ASSt. 
Principal ( intentionally MIS-typed! LOL). Jeff had coincidentally applied to 
be on the Florida governor's diabetes council, BEFORE this happened. His goal 
is the same as mine: EDUCATION of the masses, who fail to think diabetes is 
anything more than an inconvenience when dessert is served!!!
     There has been LOTS of media coverage about this <A HREF="http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/wpbf/20020321/lo/1127466_1.html">Student Says Principal 
Took Insulin Pump</A>  & an investigation is still on-going. Not surprisingly, 
the school is claiming nothing improper happened, but the Wagner's had been a 
VERY vocal & visible presence in diabetes advocacy before this ever happened. 
That it should have happened to THEM makes it all the more egregious.
    If you care to write directly to Jeff with your own stories, his e-mail 
is email @ redacted and his excellent school advocacy website is 
    On a personal note, I always caution parents that despite the hours of 
education, the reams of printed information etc that they supply to the 
schools, essentially their child with diabetes is at the mercy of the "adult" 
with whom they are dealing at any given moment, as exemplified by your 
daughter's disturbing story. A 15 year teaching career unfortunately exposed 
me to far too many "educators" who were sorely in need of education 
themselves. The woman who tried to YANK Nikki's pump off of her not only 
didn't believe Nikki's explanation, but also was incensed by what she termed 
"attitude" from Nikki - a straight A student. It is IMPOSSIBLE to legislate 
those kinds of irrational behaviors from ADULTS in a position of authority. 
As Carrie's IP post just indicated too, this is NOT an aberration. 
Renee (melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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