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Re: [IP] pump at school mistaken for beeper

    As a High School teacher and a parent of an elementary school age child
with diabetes, I am shocked, yet not shocked to hear all of this.  As a
parent, I am outraged that teachers and administrators can be so cavelier
about this.  However, as a high school teacher, I find this to be regular
    I am NEVER notified by administration of any medical conditions that
students may have.  They only way I ever know anything is if the parent or
student tells me what is going on.  Teachers are notified at the beginning
of each school year and again at the start of second semester of any
students in the resource or SDC program.  Even 504's are completely
    Last year I had a student with diabetes in my class that I actually had
to advocate for with her other teachers because nobody else would, and the
parent wasn't getting anywhere.  Schools need to educate their staff, and
remind them of the law.  It is not a matter of what a teacher wants... its a
matter of what the student with diabetes needs.  Maybe someday schools will
crawl out from under their rocks and become enlightened.  There are some
schools out there that are great and go the extra miles for these students,
but unfortunately, they are the exception, not the rule...

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, 7 years old and pumping for almost 2
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