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RE: [IP] Re: Brittle Diabetics

--- Jennifer Harkleroad <email @ redacted>
> I agree with you totally.  I also wonder when people
> refer to themselves or others as "brittle", is that
> really accurate?  I believe that I was not "brittle"
> at the outset after my dx, and for several years
> after. Maybe I had enough insulin left to smooth
> things out.  Now that I am "long-term"(16 yrs.) I am
> coming to terms with the fact that I am also
> "brittle". 
It was all so easy for the first 5 years. Then I
couldn't control the BS at all, especially the dawn
phenomenon. 5days a week I'd wake up high.  I was
doing a lot of exercise which probably caused the
somoygi effect also.  The next 8 years were spent
changing NPH doses and times to every possible
combination. One doctor had me taking NPH at every
injection(4)a day. Of course nothing worked.  2 years
ago the pump solved a lot of these problems.  I still
don't have perfect sugars but if nothing else I sleep
more peacefully now and wake up usually in the normal

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