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Re: [IP] Re: Nicole's question

At 08:43 PM 3/22/02 email @ redacted wrote:
 >I, Nicole, stated that I am SO tired of non-diabetics thinking that I have
 >done something wrong if my blood sugar is not within normal range. For
 >instance, not eating, eating wrong things, not taking insulin, etc. I asked
 >does anyone else feel this way?

It's very helpful, however, when you respond to a message that you always 
include a small portion of the original so that everyone will know what 
your response is related to. You'll notice that most of the messages here 
do that. Most email programs will automatically do that, or you can make a 
quote by using your standard Windows copy and paste functions.

Remember that all of your responses can be read by almost 3,700 people and 
not everyone knows the original context of the conversation. Especially if 
the read it a few days later. It would be different if you were writing to 
just a single person.

Sam Skopp
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