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[IP] cgms

From: "Rowe, Kelly" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Minimed COM Station/Solutions Software

Very nice, but extremely expensive for what it is.  Docking stations and
software for sophisticated electronics sell for a fraction of that price.
The price-point is clearly set for the provider community; not the user
community.  I could not justify having one for personal use unless it was
under $200.

- ----------------------------------------------------------
Anything that says Medical on it or Health or for diagnostic use is always
priced at whatever the market will bear and then some. Just look at hearing
aid batteries or eyeglasses. No reason why a little flimsy wire frame with
some polycarbonate in it shouyld be $300 or more. Oh Levamisole, a drug used
to treat Colon cancer was used in cattle feed to kill parasites. It was sold
in 100# bags, now in tablets its a fortune. The cost of the CGMS docking
station, an infrared port is in the software. No way Minimed will ever
recover he cost of developing CGMS. Insurance wont pay so doctors wont buy,
a simple business decision. spot
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