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RE: [IP] medical Tests

I thought ANA was for lupus?  Is this correct? I had a test run for lupus and
it was neg.  I was dxed with fibromyalgia..has the symptoms of lupus without
the body damage....same symptoms...achy joints, bones, tired, can't
sleep...dr. told me I had a long-term sleep disorder that triggered these
symptoms...took elavil 25 mg for ages...now I sleep fairly well and the
symptoms are not present unless I have difficulty sleeping for several nights
in a row..said the joints,etc. don't have time to "rejuvenate" when you don't
get into a deep sleep...long term you get the sypmtoms you are
describing...hope this helps...maybe gives you another perspective. It seems
like the more tests you have run, the murkier the water gets....

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