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Re: [IP] medical Tests

In a message dated 3/22/02 11:29:50 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< Just one question....have your docs had a B12 deficiency test run? My mom
 had/has the exact same things with her nerves in hands/feet, and that is what
 they determined it to be...
 Just something to ponder on. >>
Did they check your potassium level?  Low potassium can cause fatigue and 
aching legs.
  One more thing, I also high fatigue, aching joints especially in my hands 
and headaches a few years ago.  The only thing the doctor found was a 
positive ANA.  Very high ANA could indicate diseases such as lupus, but mine 
wasn't high, thank goodness.  Anyway, it turned out that the can of diet coke 
I drank everyday was causing it.  I discovered this on my own.  Ever since I 
gave up Nutrasweet (Splenda also gives me these symptoms) my symptoms have 
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