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[IP] EmergencyStuff and actions.

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 10:10:07 EST
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] NOT using emergency items...

        In close to 10 years, my daughter hasn't used her glucagon pen,
hasn't checked for ketones more than ten times, if that. In the 25 years
we've lived in our house (HOORAY - the mortgage is DONE!!), I've never used
fire extinguisher...
        But when my pita bread set the toaster on fire a few weeks ago & I
stood there shrieking" OMG", and having no idea where the fire extinguisher
was, it reminded me that just because we might not have needed something
until that moment, doesn't mean it's ok NOT to have it on "standby".
dear hubby was on "standby" too to take over for his panicked wife! LOL
        The story I posted yesterday about ketones & vomiting & normal bgs
came about when I learned of a woman in her 20s who nearly DIED from not
realizing the gravity of that scenario.
Before I married Mrs spot there was a rumor circulating around the town I
livedin that I had married a doctor from Mount Sinai. Mrs spot was a travel
we have several glucagon pens and quite a few over the years have gone dead
because of non-use. The one night we needed one, Mrs spot who had never used
one didn't know how to use it she we had to call 911. the moral, not good
enogh to have the stuff, someone has to know what to do with it. Awakening
and asking "Who the H.ll are you?" to the 2 paramedics was a powerful
lesson. Even if you are married to a doctor from Mount Sinai (Must have been
a psychiatrist, they hate blood and sick patients.) spot
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