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Re: [IP] Re: Brittle diabetes

Thank you Barbara M. and Kathy B!  
     Being diagnosed at 14 and living with DM for 29 yrs, I have always been 
"brittle" It is very frustrating trying to figure out why my BS is so 
erratic, and trying to correct the problem without being able to, no matter 
how hard I try, and then having someone tell me I'm doing something wrong, or 
I can figure out the problem, and fix it.   

     As a health care worker in an institution, and working with some 
Diabetics, I can tell you, everybody is different.  We have two male 
patients, similar in age.  One is very calm and sedate and the Dr. has been 
trying everything to stabilize his BS's with ineffective results, and this is 
a very controlled environment.  The other man has very erratic mood swings, 
is delusional, gets agitated very easily, and his blood sugars are so stable, 
you could tell time by them.  He only receives one injection of 70/30 a day.  
The other man is on a sliding scale.  So it just goes to show that as many 
people say on this site, YYMV.  For some of us, it's easy, and for others of 
us, it's a big juggling act from day to day.  That's just the way it is.    
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