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[IP] pump and surgery

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:49:57 GMT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [none]
"I don't do well with anesthesia and becoming lucid following surgery
will take awhile. Anyway, I was not trying to second guess anyone."
This is a good reason not to pump during Surgery.
Hospitals were pumping Insulin long before MiniMed.
They give you IV Insulin.
They are responsible for your glucose control while you are in the
Hospital.  Their treatment and your Pump are going to conflict leading
to problems for you. Trust your Endo, Take a Pump Vacation during your
Good Luck
EEKS!!!   My endo is in charge of the endo unit at my hospital and when
I asked if I could keep the pump on during my open heart surgery he said
yes. He further explained that any hospital will try to keep you higher
than normal simply to decrease the rate of lawsuits from patients going
low. You may think they are going to be responsible for your D control,
but don't bet on it. I wore the pump thru most of the surgery till the
anesthesiologist noticed it going higher and put me on their infusion
pump. I also, NEVER saw any patients going on a pancreas vacation while
recovering from surgery either, so why a pump vacation? TRUST ME, take
control of YOUR "pancreas". 
Also, after the surgery I was the 1 responsible to tell the nurse how
many units of insulin they were to pump each hour until I put my pump
back on.
My BG's stayed steady and I achieved an A1c of 5.7 the next visit to the
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