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[IP] Re: Insulin Site & Exercise

Karen, I have had a similar problem regarding low BS & exercise this week.

     I also exercise the same time and duration every day. I exercise on a
treadmill and stairstepper machine at home for 1hr. before work
and I swim for 45min. - 1 hr. at lunch. I typically eat the same carbs. and
program the same amt. of Humalog to cover the carbs. for
breakfast. After exercise, I can typically have my BS hang around 80-110
till 11:00 AM. I start the swimming around at 11:45 AM.

     To bring my BS to 130-135 before exercising, I typically eat 4 OZ of
Dannon blended fruit yogurt. This will typically raise my BG 50-60 units is
a short period of time. I always check my BG after cooling down and I am
usually in the 70-90 range.

     I changed my infusion set Monday afternoon ( it came off during
swimming &  I was going to change it that afternoon anyway). Tuesday
morning I woke up with a BG of 112 - Typical. I had my Dannon & coffee and
read the paper for 10 minutes before exercising. Did my morning exercise.
My BG was 53 after exercising. I ate 4 glucotabs and took a shower. About
30 min. later I took my BS again and it was 60. I ate my breakfast
consisting of 44 carbs and took 1/2 my normal bolus. One hour later I was
still 60. I ate a Dannon Yogurt and did not bolus. 1 & 1/2 hr. later - I
was at 58. It was now close to 11:00 AM. I went to the vending machine and
purchased a package of 6 vanilla cream cookies and ate them. I also ate
another Dannon Yogurt and headed for the pool.  At noon I was at the pool
ready to swim and checked my BG again - it was @ 70. I gave up the idea of
swimming & ate another 4 glucotabs, changed clothes and ate lunch. I took
my normal bolus at lunch.

My BS finally came up to 105 around 2:00 PM. I checked my pump and bolus
history - everything was OK. My infusion site replacement was about 1 inch
from my previous site in my abdomen. I chalked it up as one of those
"unexplained" diabetic days. It is unusual for me to eat this many carbs.
and my BS not move upward.
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