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Re: [IP] School Nurses/Nutrition Guides

   >Parents: How many of your schools have full time nurses and/or
>nutrition guides....just curious!

Logan, (age 10, 4th grade) pumping almost 2 months, has never had a school nurse.  When in Kindergarten, I typed up a condensed version of information I found on 'The Children with Diabetes" website, and specific instructions on how to care for Logan.  I also got a cell phone so I could be reached at all times. I  had conferences with each teacher he has had...also with the school secretaries. Until this year, he went to the office to test under the supervision of a very helpful secretary, who would write down each day's number and call me if there were any problems.(she would keep him with her until his numbers came up when he went low). Now in the 4th grade, Logan tests and treats himself right in the classroom and uses the classroom phone to call me each day with his lunch number(sometimes he forgets & I call him) or if he is below 60. It amazes me how most of Logan's classmates know better how to care for him than the teachers do. 
The schools also have no nutrition guide. So far Logan has guesstimated carbs when he buys lunch at school, and it has worked out pretty well. Mostly we pack his lunch and with a Sharpie write the carb content and bolus amount on the paper sack.  Logan checks in with the school secretary after eating, before he can go to recess, to make sure he has bolused. (He forgot a few times when he just got the pump, checking in helps him to remember)
Patti (mom to Logan)

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