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[IP] Surgery with pump-hysterectomy

To each their own but I had an abdominal hysterectomy the last part of 
January this year.  My endo looked at my basal profiles took my smallest 
number subtracted about .2 units per hour and told me to set all my basal 
rates at this number.  For me it was .8 units per hour which I set as soon as 
I got up that morning.  I woke up about 5 am and left for the hospital at 
6:15 am.  Surgery was scheduled for 9 am.  I was afraid I would be to sedated 
for too long to mentally go through the steps to set them back to my normal 
rates so I let my doctor know that I was going to set a temporary basal of .9 
for 24 hours for surgery instead.  He was okay with it.

Although I was in my room about noon, I was not awake enough to suspend the 
temporary basal rate till about 3 PM.  Since I am on a Minimed 507c which 
beeps on the hour when a temporary basal rate is set, I set the beep tone to 
the quietist it could be and let the anesthesia staff it would beep every 
hour (according to my pump, not necessarily to the clock in the operating 

My endo spoke to the anesthesia staff and told them of "my drip", told them 
while I was under they were to not touch the pump, they were to control my 
blood sugars, and when I took over after surgery, to leave it to me and him.  
They did let me know that they intended to keep my blood sugars 150 to 200 so 
in case I would have a 50 point drop I would still be safe.  

I did have minor problems with blood sugars in the hospital because:

 1). I could not "fight" the sugar in the D5W (once my endo got them to 
change the IV to normal saline, it straightened out).

2). It was hard for me to calculate carbs when I did not prepare the food.

I was very glad to come home after three nights in the hospital.  My A1c on 
December 12th was 7.6, on March 1 it was 5.9.

The only things I can attribute this remarkable difference is I now do not 
have fluctuating natural hormones (I take a set dose of Premarin every day) 
and I have started to put the sil in my upper arms rather than the abdomen.  
I guess 17 years of pumping, always using the abdomen can take its toll on 
even absorption.

The lady in Georgia who is scheduled to have a TAH this summer, please e-mail 
me privately.  I somehow deleted your address off my address list.  

Cee Dee

.  They  for about 12 hours right as I got to the hospital 
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