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[IP] school lunches

Thanks to all of you that responded to my questions regarding school
lunches.  We do have fairly supportive personell at Amelia's school who
are willing to learn and help.  Her teachers have been super.  It still
frustrates me that restaurants and fast food places are required by law
to have a nutrition guide but the schools aren't.  Amelia has always been
a home-lunch kind of kid but there are days she wants to eat school
lunch.  I have learned to estimate high and she usually comes in close to
target.  We do Lunchables alot but usually don't buy the larger ones that
include a drink because they are straight sugar. We count carbs for her
home lunches, put a note in with it, and all is well!

Just for the record, I do not think Amelia needs a full-time nurse
available at her school.  She is very on track and responsible in carb
counting, bolusing, treating her own lows.  We have never had a low that
resulted in a seizure or unconsiousness.  I was just curious as to what
other schools/states offered.  We have filed a plan with her school and
all is well.

Thanks for your input.



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