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[IP] Re: Brittle Diabetics

There are alot of people in this world that haven't a clue what a diabetic
goes through to obtain something that occurs naturally in most people. You can
try to educate people but everyone will form their own opinion as to whether
you control it or not. There are over 100 things in the body that will affect
your glucose levels & we physically only have control over the carb intake.
I've been a type I for 30 years and have dealt with alot of different
individuals when it came to the disease,
for the most part fellow employees & bosses have tried to educate themselves
somewhat in the case that an emergency might arise. I was on 5-6 shots a day
for a long period of time and my blood glucose was still all over the board. I
was told 15 years ago I needed to be in good control to be a canidate for the
pump but I think that mind set has passed & a lot of people understand that a
good portion of "brittle diabetics" need the pump for good control. It was an
adjustment for me but it's something I'd never give up. I'll put up with the
cat playing with the line hanging out of my pocket, and getting tangled at
night from rollling over in the same direction. When I go in and see my A1C
under 6 for consecutive appts. I remember the most important
positive..........a normal glucose level.
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