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[IP] Misconception stories...

Ok, so a few of you have shared funny stories you have had over the past
regarding misconceptions with diabetes.  I thought I would share two of my

1) A few years ago, not long before I went on the pump, I was playing a lot
of tennis.  I had joined a Working Women's tennis team and we had grueling
practice twice a week for 1.5 hours.  Unfortunately it was scheduled from
6pm - 7:30pm, when I was getting hit by some NPH.  After a lot of trial and
error I found that if I drank a 16oz PowerAde and ate a granola bar right
before hitting the court my bg would be good afterwards and I wouldn't feel
so run down.  The players I played with knew I was diabetic and so did the
Tennis Pro.  About halfway through the season, a new Tennis Pro took over
our practices.  I was running a  little late and ended up gulping the
powerade on the side of the court.  As I grabbed my racquet and ran out to
the court to hit some balls, he yelled out that I shouldn't do that before
exercising because it would make me hypoglycemic.  I yelled back
sarcastically "Ooops, too late, I'm already diabetic. If I had only
known..."  This of course put the rest of the team in stitches.

2) About 12 years ago, when I was in middle school, I played a lot of
sports.  Since most of the surrounding schools were 45+ minutes away, we
usually stopped at a McDonald's or Burger King for dinner on our way back
from games/matches.  My volleyball team, in particular, liked to joke that I
was going to shoot-up whenever I headed to the bathroom to take my
injection.  On one occasion, they were in rare form joking and were somewhat
loud.  As I headed into the bathroom I was followed by a young woman who
asked me once we had entered, if I could "save some for her".  I explained
to her that she had misunderstood, that I was diabetic and it was insulin.
Upset at not scoring she stormed out of the bathroom screaming some
explicatives and ran smack into a female police officer.  Apparently she and
her partner had been eating at a table near the counter and overheard my
friends joking and were preparing to bust me for drug possession.  My coach
had been walking towards the bathrooms to check on me when the woman had run
out and luckily could help to clear things up with the officers.  Needless
to say it was a quiet bus ride home.  :)

I have to say that I have heard some great one liners over the years, that
just made me roll my eyes.  Here are two of my favorites:

1) "It's a good thing she'll grow out of this.  Could you imagine having to
deal with this your entire life?"

2) "Well at least she doesn't have Sugar Diabetes.  That is much worse."
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