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RE: [IP] ketone taste

Actually, the ketones are produced when the body has to break down fat,
protein, etc. to produce fuel.  This happens in diabetics because when the
insulin is not putting fuel into the cells, so the body signals the liver to
break down fats (etc.) to feed the starving cells.  This is why on the
Atkins diet (I think it's called that) they test for ketones, because they
don't eat carbs (for fuel) and they WANT the body to breakdown the fat (etc)
which also produces the ketones.  Anyone losing significant weight will see
a small amount of ketones in the urine, diabetic or not.

It is LARGE amounts of ketones (especially with the 'fruity' breath) that is
dangerous.  Then the ketones interfere with breathing, and just about
everything else in the body functions.

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