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Re: [IP] ketone taste

 Jan Hughey wrote: 
 << My understanding was/is that Type 2's do not get ketones as insulin is
 required to avoid them. Like, a high BG is present, but insufficient
 insulin. <snip>
 T-2's are insulin resistant, even though they do have insulin in their
 systems - it is not used correctly. There is another problem they can get
 that is equally or more so, serious. Natalie, where are you to explain
 this???  >>

I'm not Natalie, but ...

It's called hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome -- and it can be 
deadly. Some books say it's more dangerous that DKA. 

Also, this type 2 has had ketones, so it isn't impossible. You just have to 
have high enough BGs and not enough insulin in your system. A good cortisone 
shot will get me moderate ketones.

Jan and Elvis
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