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[IP] Infusion Site and Exercise

I excercise often.  This week has been a 'normal' exercise week;
however, my blood sugar has not responded to exercise in the normal
way.  Namely, the same exercise at the same exertion for the same amount
of time has lowered my blood sugar much more dramatically than usual.
For instance:

Tuesday: 227 before a one-hour brisk walk; low toward end of walk
Wednesday: 249 before cardio machines at gym; 51 an hour later
Thursday: 269(!) before cardio machines at gym; 63 afer an hour of
[Note that I'd normally shoot myself down to 200 before the start of
exercise, because I'd expect this exercise to lower me 80-120 points,
but because of what happened Tuesday I didn't on subsequent days.  Also
that my body sculpting class Wed evening didn't do anything unusual to
my bS]

In every case, I'm doing my 'normal' exercise.  There have been no
boluses for more than three hours before the exercise.  It is _not_
menstruation week, when I tend to go low.  The bottle of insulin is not
new.  The type of infusion set is not new (it's a Sil, although I more
often use Quick-Sets these days).

Current working theory: because my infusion set is in my derriere, and I
was working that area (or my legs, anyway) in all these cases, the
insulin is being utilized quickly.  Sounds good, but I haven't had a
bolus in hours -- could insulin be pooling up at the site (would explain
why I'm higher than I expect before the exercise) and just getting used
when I start moving?

Has anyone else seen this?
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