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Re: [IP] School Nurses/Nutrition Guides

I thought I would let you know what we now have in place at Josh's school.  
It was terrible the first 2 years because he had to deal with office 
personnel for any of his D. care.  Now they have this great gal who has been 
assigned as the Health Room aid.  She has constant contact with the school RN 
which, like many others, travels around to different schools.  She is at our 
school one day a week, maybe!  Anyway, this aid is responsible for Josh's BG 
checks (he does them in front of her now because he really likes her!) and 
follows up on his bolusing.  I do have everything written down prior and Josh 
usually takes his own lunch.  The school lunches are not that goff and they 
get very little food too.  Now that Josh isn't the only DMer in his school, 
they now have two girls that split the days so that the office is covered the 
whole school day.  These gals are familiar with Josh's 504 plan, and have 
access to me anytime thorugh a cell phone.  I really like this new system.  
It was hard to get the school to cooperate but now that there are THREE DMers 
they have decided they needed to do something!

School menus are carb counted for the entire meal.  I, too, have this large 
reem of paper with nutritional values on them.  But you can't tell what is 
what.  Firtunately, Lynette, the Aid use to work in dietary so she knows 
where to get the answers on those rare occassions that Josh does eat in the 

mom to Joshua
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