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RE: [IP] Re: Brittle diabetes

> I feel the same way. My Mom will ask me how my sugar is, and if I
> tell her I had a high, or low (which is everyday), she gets really
> upset and almost blames me! Non-diabetics....they just don't
> understand! Lauren

This isn't quite the same kind of story, but it is amusing. Over 
winter break (Feb) our family went on a ski / snowboard trip. I got 
off the lift with Lily at the top of the mountain and we were both 
standing next to one of the local instructors putting snapping on our 
"second foot" into the snowboards when Lily made some comment about 
how she felt (physically) and good old dad pipes up in a loud voice 
and says "ARE YOU HIGH"?  Of course the mountain top was crowded and 
the instructor and everyone else looked around at Lily accusingly 
assuming she was high on drugs or something. The instructor in 
particular froze in his tracks, snapped his head around and STARED at 
her. Lily piped up defensively and said "I have diabetes, we're 
talking about my blood sugars..........  REALLY, I have diabetes". 
and dad goes "REALLY it's TRUE!"  -- we had a good laugh about that 
later, but you would not believe the startled looks. I'm not sure 
that the belived us, they had that "ya sure" look on their faces.

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