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[IP] Three VBS scripts -- email @ redacted:

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Date:          Fri, 22 Mar 2002 04:52:37 -0800
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From: Andrew Aronoff <email @ redacted>

I've written three VBS scripts that may be useful:

1. One Touch Ultra Data Transfer.vbs - uses HyperACCESS (*not*
   HyperTerminal) to download data from the One Touch Ultra to a data
   file. It uses the HAPI -- HyperACCESS API -- and links to the next
   two scripts.

2. One Touch DL Data Split.vbs - splits the downloaded data by
   calendar month and saves the data in a file "One Touch
   yyyy-mm.txt". If the file exists already, the combined data for the
   month is sorted by date (descending). This is useful, for example,
   if one uses two Ultras, the first at home and the second at work.
   The unit at work will store data spanning many months and the
   script will merge this data with that from the home unit.

3. InTouch Data Xfr.vbs - downloads the Ultra data to the In Touch
   program (U.S. version) and synchronizes the meter's clock with the
   PC. It relies exclusively on SendKeys, so the timeouts will need to
   be optimized for your PC.

If anyone's interested in one or more of these scripts, please let me

I'd be particularly interested in any feedback about how they can be
improved in terms of code and function. The scripts would be used, of
course, at your own risk and I make no warranty etc. etc...

regards, Andy
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