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[IP] NOT using emergency items...

        In close to 10 years, my daughter hasn't used her glucagon pen, 
hasn't checked for ketones more than ten times, if that. In the 25 years 
we've lived in our house (HOORAY - the mortgage is DONE!!), I've never used a 
fire extinguisher...
        But when my pita bread set the toaster on fire a few weeks ago & I 
stood there shrieking" OMG", and having no idea where the fire extinguisher 
was, it reminded me that just because we might not have needed something 
until that moment, doesn't mean it's ok NOT to have it on "standby". Luckily, 
dear hubby was on "standby" too to take over for his panicked wife! LOL
        The story I posted yesterday about ketones & vomiting & normal bgs 
came about when I learned of a woman in her 20s who nearly DIED from not 
realizing the gravity of that scenario.
         Lastly, adding to the college thread, my daughter has been VERY 
well-trained, compliant, etc about diabetes. Nonetheless, on January 20th, we 
dropped her off at school after winter break, and had no idea that hours 
later she was in an ambulance on her way to the E.R, throwing up. 
         Why? My "well-informed, mature, responsible" child hadn't been there 
in a month, forgot her usual routines, didn't eat enough, went to a NYC club 
with friends, drank (a little she claims) & apparently went low & was 
staggering back to her dorm with friends when the security guard spotted 
them, & thankfully intervened. I shudder to think of the possible 
consequences if she'd returned to her single room & gone to bed.....And of 
course, because she's 19, no one had to call us. I found out the next night 
when she finally called us herself.
        Bottom line: whether it's checking for ketones, needing glucagon, (or 
a fire extinguisher) or needing an ambulance ride to the ER - just because it 
hasn't happened before doesn't guarantee it never will. 
        OK - off that soapbox!...and yes, Melissa knows I've repeated that 
story to others too. If it "sticks" in the mind of even one collegian with 
diabetes & gives him/her "pause", then her frightening experience serves a 
well-needed lesson.
Renee (Melissa's pump mom/advocate)
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