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[IP] A1c/BG correlations

I found a chart on Medscape where they did a regression study on Mean
Plasma Glucose and HbA1c -- it's a little different from what you
usually see, and agrees better with my OWN experience, although still a
little low compared with my own records. Note that there is a 35 point
jump between percentage points vs. the 30 point jump you usually see.


HbA1c (%)      Regression-estimated MPG           Approximate MPG for
clinical use
mg/dl                                mmol/l                   mg/dl
 4			 3.6		  65				 3.5			 65
 5			 5.6		101				 5.5			100
 6		 	 7.6		137				 7.5			 135
 7			 9.6		 172				 9.5			 170
 8			11.5		 208				11.5			  205
9			13.5		 244				13.5			 240
10			 15.5		279				15.5			 275
11			17.5		 315				17.5			310
 12			19.5		350				19.5			 345

Seems to me that this implies that, IF you're not subject to extreme
swings or severe hypoglycemia, that the goal SHOULD be 5.0, not 7.0 as
stated by ADA. On the other hand, for those that DO have swings and
hypos, somewhere between 6.0 and 7.0 might be a good compromise. 

AND we always have to remember that goals are just that -- you may not
be able to meet them, but at least you have a target. 

For me, the target is between 5 and 6 -- high enough that I don't
usually have hypos, but low enough that it is close to normal range. I
still have an increased risk of heart disease, but so be it!!!!!

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