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[IP] Minimed COM Station/Solutions Software


Does anyone have any experience with the Minimed "COM Station" and the
accompanying "Solutions Software"? The COM Station is a cradle (aka
"docking station") for the Minimed pump, CGMS, and certain blood
glucose meters. The "Solutions Software" downloads the basals and
bolus data (IIRC, 90 days worth) from the pump and the bg's from the
meter/CGMS and analyzes the data.

You can get a look at it here:


This product is not sold to patients, only to doctors. However, once
sold to a doctor, nothing could prevent resale to a patient. I've been
told that Minimed offers _zero_ technical support to patients. The
price I was quoted by Minimed yesterday for purchase by a doctor was
just under $2000.

Given all the caveats, if any list member, professional or
non-professional, owns one and uses it with the pump (not the CGMS),
I'd be interested in learning about your experience. If you're
reluctant to post to the list, please contact me privately. (All
private replies will be accorded the utmost discretion.)

TIA and regards, Andy
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