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[IP] Re: Curves for Women - Linda Z

Thanks, Linda, for the advice.  I hadn't thought of using a power bar but 
having been using the PRIA bars (16 grams carb - I eat the whole thing) since 
you mentioned it.  
So far, because I'm scared to take a chance at low blood sugar during the 
exercises, I've been starting just below 200 and using the power bar.  Wound 
up just over 200 a few times.  So, when more confidence is achieved, I'll try 
to get it down.  I'm thinking that the 35 minutes of exercise doesn't have as 
much of a lowering effect as I had thought it might.  Thanks so much for your 

Does anyone know if a certain section of the IP can be printed.  Sometimes, I 
just want to print one item, but the print screen doesn't give that option.  
the only option is to print it all.  Is there a way to do this?  

Thanks, Phyllis
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