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[IP] ketones

Why we're discussing ketones, I didn't check them for
the first 9 years I had diabetes for the same reasons
Michael explained.  And no one had told me what to do
if I did have ketones.  Even now all the books say,
"contact your physician if you have large ketones". 
Considering I rarely get a return call let alone the
ability to speak to even a nurse at Kaiser, that
definately doesn't help me.  But, I do now know how
dangerous it can be and how important water is.  Also,
I have found that if I have ketones the cause of my
high sugar is almost ALWAYS my pump or set
malfunctioning.  I'm assuming the ketones are caused
by lack of insulin from a malfunctioning set or pump. 
So, it does help me CLOSELY analyze a set if I have
ketones.  Once I was 240 and had ketones.  Without
ketones I would have assumed the high was caused by
stres, etc...... Because of the ketones I carefully
checked my set out (I took it out and primed and
insulin came out, so that wasn't it) and it took me
forever to find the  cause: the tubing had broken off
near the resovoir connection spot.  Anyway, just
thought I'd share another reason to check ketones as
well as warn others to check for tubing breaking off!
Also, Michael, did you write that Lily accidently got
90 units once?  I thought I read that somewhere??? 
Mary C.

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