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[IP] surgery with or without the pump

I am not having back surgery, but a hysterectomy in May.  I asked my endo
question today...what will I do about insulin?  She says that they prefer
to remove your pump during surgery and recovery...then when you are lucid,
can put it back on.  She says they will ck. bg every hour at least, and give
insulin and D5W through the IV.  I know people here have been allowed to
their pumps, but she acted like most hospitals want it off.  I told her I
would prefer to not go on injections at all...she said this would be ok.

I would like to hear others' experiences as well.

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Since surgery lasts only a few hours at most and gyn surgery  of this nature
a 1/2 to 3/4 hour or so  it is academic and of no concern. it won't
significantly change yur a1c or oither numbers. An IV is standard
prrocedure, in case things do go wrong, they need an access to your blood
vessels. your desires are important to you but not to the anesthesiologist
who is charged with the responsibility of keeping you alive. Once you are
awake and functioning you can do your own diabetes care.
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