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[IP] the olden days

>Back in the olden days, we did not test for ketones, but did an >Acetest -
>testing for acetone which is exactly what Jenn is talking >about.

Oh yeah!  Acetest (and Clinitest) tablets that ruined three of our sinks.

Believe it or not I just threw out a bunch of clinitest and acetest tablets
that were in the back of my closet.  (Was making more room for pump stuff.)
They were kinda gross at this point, but still, brought back a lot of

email @ redacted

In the olden days you are correct we called the test an acetest, the
chemistry is the same as the keto stix test. In the lab we did these on
blood serum too to see if a patient was ketotic. It was the clinitest that
ruined your sink, the tablets contained copper sulfate, lye and citric acid.
The lye could eat the porcelin away. The acetone test  has changed little
over the years. clinitest could be made falsely opoisitive by vitamin c.
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