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[IP] school meals

I remember well the days of trying to keep Sara eating the school lunches.
What a nightmare. We were at a very small private school at that time and they
were incredibly willing to do anything to aid Sara. (I still think of those
wonderful folks with awe, what a God send.) I finally sat down and read the
ingredient and nutrition labels on the food that was purchased mass packaged.
School food is definitely not home cooking. There were so many extra sugars
hidden in the products that "at home" carb counting was not even close. When I
asked the kitchen staff why products that were so nutritionally unsound were
chosen they had a reasonable reply. Food and product choices were based on
what the kids ate the best. Food tossed in the trash does not feed a kid. The
child goes home hungry and the parents then complain that the kids do not like
the food and the menu needs to change. So, the school kitchen buys the brands
the kids will eat. Of course those foods often have the most sugar and fat to
enhance the flavor. What was amazing was that our lunches surpassed the states
recommendations for nutritional quality.
I could not fault the school or kitchen, they were simply trying to please the
I gave up and went to packed lunches. I count the carbs and write the
individual carb counts for each item on the bag. That way there is no reason
for Sara to not get the count and bolus correct. This year I have started
using the food weight conversions for carb counting in the back of Pumping
Insulin. This has made a big difference too. 15 strawberries are not all equal
in weight. Thanks to all of you on this site that pointed me in that
direction. Big help.
Yea, it is a pain to do this in the morning, but then this whole diabetes
thing is a pain. At least now there are not any surprises from a bad carb
count mid afternoon or immediately after school. It helped tremendously.
I wish you luck with the school lunches and hope you can find a solution I
never could, this is a challenge.
Pam, mom to Sara, 15 (Wish I could control the hormonal fluctuations as well
as the lunch time boluses.)
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