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Re: [IP] Back surgery questions

On 21 Mar 2002 13:19:40 -0500 Kate Patterson wrote:
>... this morning I found
>out that I have to have back surgery to repair a ruptured disc.  I was
>wondering if any of you on the pump have had this surgery (the more recent
>the better) and if you would share with me your story.  My specific
>questions are: what did you do with your pump, what and how long was your
>healing process and how are you doing now.  I know YMMV, but any knowledge I
>can have before I go into this would help my mind.  Thanks in advance.

I did not have back surgery, but I did have laparascopic abdominal surgery
for a hernia. I cleared wearing the pump sith the surgeon, and attempted to
clear it with the anesthesiologist, but in this town they don't assign a
specific anesthesiologist until the day of the surgery. It's really much
more important to discuss it with the anesthesiologist, because (s)he's the
one who keeps you alive. As Michael Robinton said, the surgeon is just the

My guess is that back surgery is more involved than laparascopic surgery, so
you should make a serious attempt to discuss your pump with both the surgeon
and the anesthesiologist. They may have had prior experience with pumping
patients, or they may not. Be prepared to educate them about what the pump
does, and what the pump doesn't do (like it doesn't deliver automatic
mealtime boluses). You should be sure your basal rate(s) will keep your BG
stable and then maybe reduce the basal rate slightly so your BG will be in
the 150-200 range.

Tom Beatson
dx 1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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